Distance Learning And ABSEL: Revisited For The Nth Plus 1 Time


  • James W. Gentry
  • Melissa Kaulbach
  • J. Alexander Smith
  • Rob Simon
  • Andrew Hale Feinstein


The paper reviews issues dealing with distance learning as discussed in past ABSEL Conferences, from a variety of perspectives. The first author, an ABSEL Fellow and old as dust, hated his distance learning experiences 30+ years ago and is adamant in his negative perspective of the pedagogy. The second author teaches and consults in the area of making distance learning at the university level more effective. The third author is also an ABSEL Fellow, who is somewhat skeptical about distance learning but not to the extent of the first author. The fourth author discusses his on-going experience with a MOOC. The last author is also an ABSEL Fellow and is now a Vice Provost; he will provide administrative perspective to the issues covered. Thus, the strength of the paper is primarily one of bringing together people with very different views of distance learning with the intent of dealing with topics affecting the future of business academe. Also, we end with some ideas as to how ABSELers should modify current online classes to make them more experiential.