Managing Human Resources Simulation


  • David R. Rahn


"The name of the game is Managing Human Resources Simulation. This simulation is a set of connected case studies situated within the Human Resources function, and occurring over time. This approach corresponds to the learner-centered model referred to as “Problem-Based Learning” or PBL. Participants learn to analyze information, solve problems by applying what they’ve learned in the course, and then assess their results. This means that while they are making decisions and analyzing outcomes, participants are “discovering” the cause and effect relationships that are true for HRM and the organization in the simulated company. This simulation may be used effectively in a university course that surveys HRM, a capstone integration of an HRM major or minor, a graduate course that surveys HRM, or an organizational training program on human capital decision-making. The game can be played in-class, entirely online, or with a combination of in-class and online approaches. "