Increasing Software Efficacy and Professor Fluency in Strategy Simulation


  • Rebecca Schmeller


Background. The annual ABSEL conference and its proceedings often include papers and presentations about business simulations augmented with supplemental materials. These supplements include out-of-software exercises, assignments, tests, and study guides (Davis & Magnuson, 2020). The papers typically include empirical evidence of efficacy as measured by content analysis, regression analysis, and student surveys. Some examples of supplements include: CEO letters, BOD meetings, headlines, investor relations presentations, and peer consulting (Halpin, 2020, Davis & Magnuson 2020, Gove 2012). Proposal. This proposes an ABSEL 2023 session in which one strategy professor demonstrates one brand of strategy simulation ( and the supplemental materials (procedures, guides, tests, LMS posts, quizzes, assignments, exercises) used to augment it . She would also lead attendees through open discussion and sharing and follow up with an email chain repository of sample materials. Objective. The objective of the session would be to have attendees leave with fresh ideas about how to improve simulation efficacy through supplemental materials and to create a network where professors can support each other to avoid “reinventing the wheel”. Value. The objectives of this session directly match some of the objectives of ABSEL: sharing, networking, and improving simulation teaching methods.