When Play And Work Collide: An Interactive Panel Symposium Exploring The Use Of Gaming To In Management Education


  • Ian S. Mercer
  • R. Gabrielle Swab
  • John N. Harris
  • David A. Tomczyk
  • Adam Hnatkovich
  • Ryan Bruns


This panel symposium brings together management researchers with experience of the gaming industry, and industry professionals to explore the use of gaming in management education. We focus on how educators can use board games and role-playing games to increase student engagement and highlight the use of specific games in several different management courses including Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management as experiential learning activities. Guided by the facilitators, and through active participation, attendees will use commercially available games such as Dungeons and Dragons, and Forbidden Island to illustrate management course material. We give participants a hands-on experience of some of the games we have successfully used to creatively illustrate management material.