Investigating Student Perceptions of Two Active Learning Methods Converted to Online Format: Role-Play vs. Case-Based Learning for CSR Communication


  • Ray Ting-Chun Wang


The Covid-19 pandemic forced rapid adjustments among university educators around the world. With millions of educators and students forced to migrate online for an extended period, teachers were challenged not only to adapt to teaching in an online environment but also to find ways of creating an active learning environment that engaged students. This challenge also created opportunities to explore the possibilities and limits of using existing active learning methods in an online mode. This research was designed to examine the learning experience of bachelor’s degree students studying corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication in two different learning groups – case-based learning and role-play learning – in a fully online teaching and learning environment. The results indicate that while students found both activities engaging, the online format created several challenges for both groups. The emphasis on team-based learning in both activities was also not optimal for the students. However, the experience of presenting their CSR communication plans to work professionals online was viewed as a key part of learning. The study offers insight into how face-to-face active learning activities should be implemented for online learning and what factors should be considered when conducting these activities.






Innovations and Future Directions in Education