Aligning Competency Frameworks and Co-Curricular Experiences:An Interactive Experience with the Suitable Technology Platform


  • Audrey J. Murrell
  • Mark Visco


Schools embed learning objectives in their courses and co-curricular activities, but often they have difficulty determining if students are mastering stated objectives. Research suggests that the most effective learning competencies should be flexible, stackable, transferable, measurable. In addition, the use of competency frameworks may allow schools to track the skills that students develop through both curricular and co-curricular activities. How to align leaning goals and objectives with competency frameworks while collecting student experiences and outcomes data is the focus of this interactive technology demonstration session. Using the technology platform created by the Suitable company, we will examine the use of competency-based frameworks via a demonstration of a technology tool that supports key learning competencies while also employing a “gamification” approach that yields important data for ongoing evaluation and accreditation efforts.






Innovations and Future Directions in Education