Research into Hoover’s Three Domains of Experiential Learning: The Impact of Business Simulation Gaming


  • A. J. Faria
  • William J. Wellington


At the inaugural ABSEL meeting, Hoover (1974) presented a definition of Experiential Learning which has set the tone for ABSEL research ever since. Hoover conceptualized that experiential learning involved a continuum of three domains which were: cognitive, behavioral, and affective. A research review of empirical studies by two marketing educators to assess the level of impact that business simulation gaming as an instructional methodology has on the three domains of experiential learning was undertaken. The findings from the review uncovered evidence in support of an experiential learning impact from business simulation gaming as being: weak for the cognitive domain, medium for the behavioral domain, and strong for the affective domain. The conclusion drawn from this research review was that business simulation gaming has a presence in all three of Hoover’s domains of experiential learning and is thus an effective instructional methodology.