The experiential learnings of two career academics: Reflections, insights and recommendations from years of teaching and research on the use of business simulation games in marketing education


  • A. J. Faria
  • William J. Wellington


The learnings of two highly experienced marketing simulation game creators, users and researchers are presented to guide business instructors who are using, or planning to use, a business simulation game as part of their instructional methodology. The usage considerations that the authors have observed and/or investigated over the years are provided. Research studies on the use of marketing simulation games for educating college students and business practitioners that have been presented at ABSEL are reviewed. Some thoughts on the future of simulation gaming usage are put forward. The paper concludes by offering the overriding reason, which after all their experiences and research, the authors finally recognized as being the impetus behind their long-term persistence in using marketing simulation games as part of their teaching methodology.