Simulation Sensemaking: The BusinessWeek Approach to Effective Debriefing


  • Michael J. Fekula


A significant issue in the conduct of simulations is the creation of an effective debriefing experience. This suggests that the experience gained in the debriefing process is as critical as the simulation itself. Just as simulations attempt to reflect the real world, so too should debriefing experiences. In this exercise, students are asked to avoid the traditional outcome of translating their simulation experience into an end-of-semester tome. Instead, they are encouraged to produce a product that better reflects the contemporary, active business world. As opposed to a format appropriate for explaining their experience to a professor, the students use a form designed to appeal to shareholders and other stakeholders. In particular, students are asked to recount and explain their simulation experience in the form of a product that has the look and feel of a BusinessWeek magazine article. This paper explains that process.