Panel Discussion: Alternative Ways of Using the Internet for Business Simulations to Input Decisions, Process, and Present Financial and Economic Data Output


  • Kenneth R. Goosen
  • Joseph Wolfe
  • Steven C. Gold


Computers technology has advanced so rapidly and has become so complex that these changes have profoundly affected business simulations. In the last 20 years, business simulations relied heavily on students submitting decisions using 3 ½ disks. Now with new computers no longer containing 3 ½ disk drives and alternatives input means such as the flash drives using USB ports commonly available, business simulation authors and developers have had to recently again revise their simulations to accommodate these new developments. The latest challenge is the use of the Internet and the World Wide Web to receive decision inputs, process decisions, and to distribute the results. Some simulations are now solely Internet based. The use of the Internet may solve many current problems concerning simulation development and administration, but it also has created some new problems.